12 Feb 2020
Aminah's ambition for British Horseback Archery

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Written by Aminah- Year 9

I joined a local riding club and an archery centre when I was eight. At first they were both just for fun but as my skills developed, I began joining local competitions. This then led to me competing in county tournaments. I have also competed in regional tournaments for show jumping and dressage.

In the summer of 2015, I was introduced to mounted archery by my friend’s dad. Mounted archery is when a horse archer is a cavalryman armed with a bow, able to shoot while riding from horseback. I began practising mounted archery in London and then competed in a one-week tournament (the Afyon Atli Yarışması) in Afyon, Turkey the year later. I have competed nearly every year since. I came eighth, fifth and third place. I practise mounted archery with a Korean bow but I compete with a traditional Damascus bow.

My horse is called Lanigan. He is a Thoroughbred Buckskin American Quarter Horse stallion who is roughly 13 hands tall. I compete in Mounted Archery and Show jumping with him. I compete in Dressage with Thumbelina. I now regularly practise archery, horse-riding and mounted archery depending on the weather. I hope to compete in a British Horseback Archery Association competition when I turn 18.