21 Apr 2020
Mr Hall's Sporting Role Model- Game, Set, Match

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For me a role model is a person who inspires, who we look up to, respect and aspire to become.

It can be anyone from our family or any great personality who has impressed us. I feel that such people should play a vital role in our life, forming our beliefs and shaping our future. That is why my sporting role model has changed as I've moved through different stages of my life. In my childhood my sporting role model was Thierry Henry and this changed to Usain Bolt during my early 20's. Although I'm not the greatest at this sport my sporting role model is Roger Federer.

Roger Federer has a record of being a 20-time Grand Slam Champion more than any other male player in the sports history. In my opinion what is great about this is that he played and continues to play in a golden age of mens tennis which sees the top three grand slam winners of all time being rivals to his record. When it comes to tennis style, perhaps no other player moves and hits the ball as gracefully as Federer which I saw live for the first time during a school trip to Wimbledon. While most other players seemed heavy footed and flogged themselves around the court, Federer moved effortlessly and glided around the court.

The other part of his game which put him ahead of other players technically was his one-handed backhand whilst the majority of other men were using a two-handed shot. Away from tennis Federer is well known and admired for his humility and politeness. He always remains graceful and humble in his defeats and wins. He also respects his opponents and remains calm however tough the challenge maybe. His success, longevity, style, and personality are all things that I look for in a sporting role model both in competition and in life.