28 Apr 2020
Mr Griffith's Sporting Role Model- No Challenge Too Great

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Mr Griffiths – My Sporting Role Model – Rob Burrow

In the current climate we find ourselves facing many challenges on a daily basis -some new and some old. For Rob Burrow, overcoming and surpassing challenges became the norm throughout his playing career. Becoming a leader, an inspiration and one of the best players to ever take the field in Rugby League, a true legend. This is why I have chosen Rob Burrow as my sporting role model.

Burrow played for Leeds Rhinos throughout his entire career. Leeds are one of the most successful rugby league teams in the world. He spent 16 years of his professional playing career there and represented England and Great Britain. Standing at 5ft5 and weighing around 70kg, he was known for being the smallest player in the competition, although one of the most successful in history. He won 8 Super League titles, three World Club Challenge’s, two Challenge Cups and named three times in the super leagues dream team.

Burrow’s pathway into his career was like no other. Despite his height and weight, he saw this as an advantage, it was his ability to overcome barriers with humility and determination. It was clear to see that he saw no challenge too great, this is reflected in his outstanding career as he achieved well beyond expectations. He tormented defences, playing at the highest level he jinked, jived and ducked past some of the best defenders in the world and his turn of pace was frightening. Leaders develop leaders, and it is without doubt Burrow had this effect on his team and is one of the main reasons Leeds Rhinos have been so successful over the years.

Sadly, last year Burrow was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease (MND). Which understandably, is devastating news. Since the tragic news was made public, he has been raising awareness for MND and has an outstanding support base, he remains upbeat and is presented with yet another challenge which he will no doubt take in his stride.

Rob Burrow is a role model, a true leader and an inspiration. He balanced his pride with humility: absolute pride in performance; complete humility before the magnitude of the task. Burrow wanted to be the best, he laughed in the face of adversity- his values decided his character. He will go down in history as one of the greatest ever players to play the game.

Whilst we are at home with our families, we can reflect on our challenges, how can you overcome them? Lead and approach them with humility, be determined to surpass them like Rob Burrow has done. There is no challenge too great.